About Me / Copyright

This blog was established on August 15, 2016, for educational and entertainment purposes.

My name is Krishna Dahal. I am the creator of this blog. All the posts in this blog are based on Nepali literature which primarily focus on Nepali poems, stories, and lessons you usually learn in school; although some of my posts are also based on music, movies, and other forms of entertainment which are not limited to Nepal or Nepali language. 

Regarding my educational qualifications with Nepali literature, I only have basic or below basic educational background with Nepali language. I lived in Nepal till I was nine; therefore I could only study till 4th grade when I was in Nepal, that was the only time when I had opportunity to learn Nepali literature, which used to be my favorite subject. Therefore, I was quick to learn it regardless of the limited time I studied in Nepal. Sadly, I have not had a chance to study it further since I moved to the United States, but I still love Nepali literature and I like to make content on it and share it with people.

You won't find any videos or posts here which are NOT my own work. You will only find my own content here, such as my YouTube videos, my writings, etc. Although, I do like to post lyrics for some of my favorite Nepali songs and explain the meaning in English. This way even foreigners can understand the deep and beautiful meaning of our songs. 

If you are the owner of the song, and for some reason if you are not satisfied with its lyrics being here on my blog, you may contact me by clicking here, and I will instantly remove it from my blog.