February 24, 2021

Gauchha Geet Nepali - Lyrics and English Translation


'गाउँछ गीत नेपाली'  -  नेपालीमा

Note: ("। " represents end of each verse) and also this is the lyrics for the poem and not for the song, so some of the words and phrases repeated in the song is not repeated here.

English Translation

(I tried hard to translate the lyrics accurately, but still I can't say it is 100% accurate, but I  swear it is at least 90% accurate 😂.)
Note: when the word 'Nepali' is mentioned, it's not referring to the Nepali language, but Nepali people.
गाउँछ गीत नेपाली, ज्योतिको पंख उचाली
जय, जय, जय नेपाल, सुन्दर, शान्त, बिशाल ।

गण्डकी, कोसी, कर्णाली, मेची, र महाकाली
लेक र बेसी बिउझाउँछन्, लहर लाखौँ उचाली।

हिमालचुली बोलाउँछ पहिलो झुल्का निकाली
सगरमाथा शिखरमा पुग्दछ पहिले नेपाली ।

सीताले सारा भिजाइन दक्षिण लंका-भारत
भृकुटी तारा उदाइन उत्तर चीन-तिब्बत ।

बुद्धले यहीँ पाएथे ज्ञानको पहिलो मुहान
शिवले यहीँ ल्याएथे सृस्टीको पहिलो बिहान ।

पश्चिम किल्ला काँगडा, पूर्वमा टिस्टा पुगेथ्यौँ
कुन शक्तिको सामुमा कहिले हामी झुकेथ्यौँ?

हामीले हिमाल उठायौँ एसियाको माझमा
सभ्यता बास बसेथ्यो आएर यहीँ साँझमा ।

यही नेपाली माटोमा दिलको फूल रोपेर
यही पहाडी शिलामा प्रीतको गीत खोपेर ।

बाँचौला हामी नेपालमा चन्द्र र सुर्य ध्वोजा लिई
नाँचौला हामी हिमालमा ज्योतिको पंख उचाली।

A Nepali is singing a song
by raising the wings of light
hail, hail and hail Nepal
beautiful and peaceful, our great nation

Gandaki, Koshi, Karnali, Mechi and Mahakali
(names of cities of Nepal)
Lake and Beshi wakes up
by lifting thousands of waves

Mount Himalchuli calls
with its first glimpse
at the summit of Mount Everest
it was Nepali who reached first

Goddess Sita soaked everything
South Lanka, India
she rised the Bhrikuti star
North China, Tibet

this is where Buddha found
the first source of knowledge
and this is where Lord Shiva brought
the first morning of universe

in West, we reached Kangada
and in East, we reached Tista
in front of whom
and when did we ever bow down?

we lifted the mountain
in the middle of Asia
and this is where our civilization formed and stay

in this soil of Nepal
we will plant flower of our heart
in this rock of mountain
we will conceal the song of love

we will live in Nepal
by keeping moon and sun in our flag
we will dance in the mountain
by lifting wings of light

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