December 19, 2020

Parkhaai (पर्खाई) Nepali Poem By Anju Subedi

A love poem Parkhaai (waiting...) written by Anju Subedi, my first video on love poem, I really liked this poem because of the beautiful words the writer have used in it, I'll try to make more videos on such poems in future, hope you will like it.

Nepali Poem Parkhai 
Written by Anju Subedi 
Narrated by Krishna Dahal 

Aakha haru bichai rahe uni hidne goreto ma
Mann mero ochai rahe aashako uhi doreto ma...

आँखाहरु बिछ्याई रहें,उनी हिड्ने गोरेटोमा 
मन मेरो ओछ्याई रहें ,आशाको उहि डोरेटोमा...
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