March 3, 2022

Favorite Nepali Songs of All Time

**Music files for each of these songs were embedded directly from YouTube**
NOTE: songs listed below are not ordered in any specific rank.
These are some of my favorite Nepali songs of all time, I am not completely done with the list, so I might be updating this list in future with new songs as well. 

Jaha Chhan Buddha Ka Aakha - Bhakta Raj Acharya

जहाँ छन बुद्धका आँखा - भजन सिरोमणि भक्तराज आचार्य

"Beautiful patriotic song, makes me feel proud of my country every time I listen to this masterpiece"

जहाँ छन बुद्धका आँखा, स्निग्ध शान्त र सुन्दर।

त्यहाँ छ शान्तीको क्षेत्र, मेरो राष्ट्र मनोहर।
प्राण भन्दा प्यारो लाग्छ, मेरो देश कता कता।
छल्किन्छ ममता मेरो, भावगंगा जतातता।
Jaha chhan Buddha ka aakha, snigdha shanta ra sundar

Tyaha cha shanti ko chhetra, mero rashtra manohar
Praan vanda pyaaro laagcha, mero desh kata kata
Chalkincha mamata mero, bhavaganga jata tata
English Translation
There, where lies the Buddha's eyes, smooth, calm and beautiful
Which is land of peace, my beautiful nation
Feels dearer than my own life, my nation
My love and emotion overflows everywhere...

Timi Jun Raharle - Narayan Gopal

तिमी जुन रहरलेस्वर सम्राट नारायण गोपाल

"Beautifully sang by our king of tragedy Narayan Gopal, this one is poetic masterpiece"

तिमी जुन रहरले, म मा फुल्न आयौ।
सबै सुख हराए, सधैँ चोट पायौ।
म डुब्दो किनारा, कहाँ हास्न सक्नु।
व्यर्थै तिमीले मेरो, हात समायौ।
Timi jun raharle, ma maa fulna aayeu
Sabai sukha haraye, sadhai chot payeu
Ma dubdo kinara, kaha hasna saknu
Byarthai timile mero, haat samayeu
English Translation
When you came to flourish in me
All your happiness gone away, you were always hurt
I'm drowning edge, how can I smile
In vain you held my hand

Maya Meri Sajha Bani - Bhakta Raj Acharya

माया मेरी साझ बनि - भजन सिरोमणि भक्तराज आचार्य

"Simply romantic piece of work with beautiful melody, you can listen to it numbers of times without getting tired" 

माया मेरी साझ बनि डोली चडी आउछिन एकान्तमा परेलीमा लुकेर निदाउछिन
लुकेर निदाउछिन
माया मेरी साझ बनि डोली चडी 
Maya meri sajha bani doli chadi auchhin
Ekantama parelima lukera nidauchhin
Lukera nidauchhin
Maya meri sajha bani
English Translation
My love comes to me as an evening in palanquin
In solitude, she hides and sleep in eyelashes 
she hides and sleep in eyelashes 
My love comes to me as an evening in palanquin... 

Phool Ko Aakha Ma - Ani Choying Drolma

फुलको आँखामा - आनी छोइङ डोल्मा

"This song tells you the value of life, and how one can live their life peacefully with pure and beautiful heart"

फुलको आँखामा फुलै संसार
काँडाको आँखामा काँडै संसार
झुल्किन्छ है छायाँ बस्तु अनुसार
काँडाको आँखामा काँडै संसार

Phoolko aakhama phoolai sansaar
Kaadako aakhama kaadai sansaar
Jhulkinchha hai chhaya bastu ansaar
Kaadako aakhama kaadai sansaar
English Translation
In the eyes of a flower, the world appears as a flower
In the eyes of a thorn, the world appears as a thorn
The shadow appears according to the size of the object
In the eyes of a thorn, the world appears as a thorn

Rato Ra Chandra Surya - Rabin Sharma, Kiran Pradhan, Sunita Subba

रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य - रबिन शर्मा, किरन प्रधान, सुनिता सुब्बा

"Goosebumps every time I listen to this song, every word in the lyrics energize me every time, the patriotism is in whole next level"

रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य जङ्गी निशान हाम्रो
जिउंदो रगत सरी यो वल्दो यो शान हाम्रो
रातो र चन्द्र सुर्य
Rato ra Chandra, Surya, jangi nishaan hamro
Jiudo ragat sari yo, baldo yo shaan hamro
Rato ra Chandra, Surya
English Translation
Red and Sun, Moon (referring to Nepal's flag)
Are the symbols of our courage
Like a living blood, this is burning pride of ours
Red and Sun, Moon...

**Music files for each of these songs were embedded directly from YouTube**

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